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MeadowView Memory Care

one-of-a-kind memory care

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MeadowView Memory Care Village is licensed as an assisted living with a specialty in memory care in Cedar Rapids. Locally owned and operated, our assisted Living memory care is tailored for individuals who are no longer safe to be at home; yet do not need a nursing facility level of care. Our entire building and staff training is designed to help individuals with memory loss thrive despite their disease.

Many individuals living with Dementia are still physically high functioning and enjoy socialization and staying busy. However, often times they need direction and reminders to complete daily tasks. For their safety and for the health of their caregiver, they require 24 hour care.

MeadowView Memory Care of Cedar Rapids is a unique community that incorporates amenities that provide way-finding and freedom of movement in a warm and secure environment. Our experiential design, expertise in dementia and family caregiving are what sets us apart.

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