The Team

Our Staff

Mary McDaniel

Executive Director

“I have had a passion for health care since I was a child. It is a great pleasure to care for the aging population in our unique & home like community with a dedicated and caring team. I look forward to coming in every morning and spending each day with our tenants."

Danielle Helgerson

Assistant Director

“The Views Senior Living is a place I am proud to work and call my second home. I enjoy getting to know each of the families and tenants transitioning into our community. If you have questions, always feel free to reach out to me.”

Johnathon Brinson

Community Relations Director

Johnathon’s welcoming approach to our family atmosphere has made him a valuable asset to our community. A smooth transition is key. Feel free to reach out to Johnathon to learn more.

Lindsey Smith

Director of Nursing-MeadowView

Chef Jaime Surrett

Food Service Supervisor at RidgeView

"I have been a classically trained chef for the better part of 20 years. I find it extremely rewarding in all aspects. My goal is to always please the palate of anyone that tries my meals. Working in this community has always been a passion of mine. To give our residents a friendly smile, a laugh and conversation through food will always be my mission."

Drew Anderson

Food Service Supervisor, MeadowView

“Since 2006 I have had the privilege of providing our residents with top notch food, service, and friendship. My Dietary staff come to work every day passionate about being able to provide our residents with the Kind Compassionate Care they deserve.”

Paige Felderman

Recreation Program Director-MeadowView

“I have a strong passion for helping others grow in each domain of health and enhance their quality of life. I love providing a variety of stimulating activities and programs to achieve such goals so that each individual can continue to live a meaningful life.”

Natalie Luehring

Recreation Program Director at RidgeView

"I am committed to using my knowledge as a Recreation Therapist to provide residents with activities that satisfy each domain of health, while providing them with an enhanced quality of life.  I strive to create a recreation program that each and every tenant can enjoy and be excited about.   I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know every tenant at The Views, and I am grateful to continue growing and making more connections with staff & tenants!"

John Pickett

Maintenance Supervisor at MeadowView

"I take pride in the maintenance and upkeep of the community, as well as interacting with tenants every day."

Gene Templer

Maintenance Supervisor at RidgeView

"I enjoy repair, problem-solving, and helping tenants.  But by far, I feel fortunate to work with the best leadership team I have ever worked with/for."

Jeff Gage

Housekeeping Supervisor

“MeadowView is a unique environment for our memory care residents. I take great care in making sure it is a safe and clean environment. At RidgeView I enjoy working in our friendly close-knit community and always enjoy a casual conversation with our tenants.”