The Team

Our Staff

Tracy Sherzer

Executive Director

“I am committed to providing kind, compassionate care to our residents and employees, as those are my core values. Understanding that your loved ones do not live where we work, but we work where they live is a commitment we instill in all of our employees. I am proud to be a part of this community.”

Jeff Gage

Housekeeping Supervisor

“MeadowView is a unique environment for our memory care residents. I take great care in making sure it is a safe and clean environment. At RidgeView I enjoy working in our friendly close-knit community and always enjoy a casual conversation with our tenants.”

Gene Templer

Maintenance Supervisor at RidgeView

“I enjoy repair, problem-solving, and helping tenants.But by far, I feel fortunate to work with the best leadership team I have ever worked with/for.”

Jennifer Hejda

Recreation Program Director at RidgeView

“Activities are more than just a daily filler. They bring meaning and purpose to living a better quality of life. I take pride in knowing I’m making a difference in the lives of our tenants and I’m happy to be a part of a great team at RidgeView!”

Chef Sue Pierce

Food Service Supervisor at RidgeView

“I am inspired to create a good dining experience because of the way I grew up. Food was the center of our family gatherings. That is what I bring to Ridgeview, a family dining experience with good food made from scratch with fresh ingredients, to give you that warm comforting feeling of home.”

Danielle Helgerson

Community Relations Director

“The Views Senior Living is a place I am proud to work and call my second home. I enjoy getting to know each of the families and tenants transitioning into our community. If you have questions, always feel free to reach out to me.”

Dawn Clark

Director of Nursing at RidgeView

“RidgeView is more than a job it is my family. My goal is to make everyone feel they are a vital part of the family while providing and receiving high quality care.”

John Pickett

Maintenance Supervisor at MeadowView

“I take pride in the maintenance and upkeep of the community, as well as interacting with tenants everday.”

Dawn Russel

Director of Nursing -MeadowView

“I am thrilled to be able to work with such a great team to ensure the best care for our dementia population. Every day is a unique and rewarding experience. My team and I ensure every tenant is treated with the best care and respect they deserve, we treat them like family."

Katelyn Bateman

Recreation Program Director-MeadowView

“I am so excited to lead an everchanging, lively activity program. Averaging 10 large group activities a day (300 a month) in addition to small groups and clubs on the side. There is nothing better than creating a smile and meaning in their daily life.”

Drew Anderson

Food Service Supervisor, MeadowView

“Since 2006 I have had the privilege of providing our residents with top notch food, service, and friendship. My Dietary staff come to work every day passionate about being able to provide our residents with the Kind Compassionate Care they deserve.”

Katherine Otto

Assistant Director of Nursing

“I am excited to be able to assist our tenants in being active and keeping loved ones updated on them. I strive to make Meadowview a home for our tenants and a joy to be at for our staff.”